After receiving the coveted recipe from a Canadian doctor, we anxiously go to Canadian pharmacy and order the right medicine. Community pharmacy may, on its license to open a satellite pharmacy (branch) in a small village. In Canada, pharmacies are even in small towns. Therefore, the problem of access to medicines in a sparsely populated area does not exist. Foreign Investment
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Foreign Investment

Foreign Direct Investment plays a growing and important role in global business. It can provide a firm with new markets, access to new technology, products, facilities and financing. It refers to one company making a physical investment in another country. Given the rapid growth in global investment, management of foreign investment has received extensive attention over the past years. It can provide a firm with new markets, access to new technology, products and financing. Attracting investment is a competitive process, which requires stable and transparent policies needed to provide investors with the confidence for taking the risk in investing capital.


At A. Pharaon and Partners Law Firm, we have a solid understanding of the regulatory challenges which investors face at each sector and business environments. We provide legal counsel at each stage of the complex investment process. Our lawyers are specialized in various disciplines, which help us draw on lawyers to meet the needs of each of our clients. Our firm recognizes that foreign investment has a constructive effect on a country's economy in terms of added value financially, technologically and managerially. Our firm is also aware of the legitimate concerns of potential investors and works with clients in determining the best structures for their deals. We monitor the investment process completely to safeguard our clients from possible pitfalls. Our firm has the extensive experience to undertake all the paper work required for investment transactions. Our areas of expertise include the following:


- Acquisition of Business and Assets

- Establishing Foreign Investment Enterprises (FIE)

- Dissolution and Liquidation of FIE

- Establishing representative offices

- Legal counsel for all investment transactions and documents.


Our experience covers all regions in the Middle East, and especially: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.