After receiving the coveted recipe from a Canadian doctor, we anxiously go to Canadian pharmacy and order the right medicine. Community pharmacy may, on its license to open a satellite pharmacy (branch) in a small village. In Canada, pharmacies are even in small towns. Therefore, the problem of access to medicines in a sparsely populated area does not exist. Business and Corporate Law
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Business and Corporate Law

Business and corporate law refers to the law that applies to business entities and corporations which encompasses contracts, sales, commercial papers, agency and employment law, and business organizations. Business law includes issues such as starting, selling or buying a business, managing a business, dealing with employees or dealing with contracts.

In the world of business, time is money. At A. Pharaon & Partners Law Firm, we offer timely and responsive legal services geared towards our clients’ interests. Our firm’s attorneys are experienced business lawyers who apply their technical knowledge and skills to provide clients with efficient solutions for reaching their business objectives. They are specialists who understand the legal and business requirements of various sectors and industries. We operate in a wide range of areas:

- Commercial law

- Capital markets

- Tax

- Mergers and acquisition

- Private equity

- Financial services

- Insurance


Our business-related legal services include: assisting clients in setting up or structuring their business with the appropriate entity (limited liability, sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) which will best protect their interests.

Furthermore, we provide experienced employment law representation and draft employment manuals and labor contracts. We also offer legal representation for businesses involved in commercial contracts disputes and other lawsuits. From drafting agreements, initiating financial strategies to more complex business negotiations, our firm has all the experience and resources to handle all our clients' business transactions and our goal is to successfully meet their business needs.