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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the laws, processes and rules according to which businesses are operated, regulated and controlled. It refers to the elements set by corporations and stakeholders as well as clients and government regulations. Corporate governance provides a structure which ensures that the enterprise adheres to accepted ethical standards, best practices and formal laws.


It is viewed as the structure and relationships, which determine corporate direction and performance. The board of directors is central to corporate governance as they are in charge of responding and reporting to shareholders and investors. It is a field that investigates how to secure and motivate efficient management of corporations by using contracts, legislation and organizational structures in the hope of improving financial performance.


The importance of corporate governance has increased dramatically in recent years. It is currently playing an important role in the oversight of companies and sustainability of economic growth. Managers and directors are becoming aware of having good corporate governance practices and communicating these practices to investors and potential investors. At A. Pharaon and Partners Law Firm, we offer a fully integrated approach to serve our clients’ corporate governance needs. We represent, counsel and advise directors or companies on all corporate governance issues and particularly shareholder issues such as forming statement of corporate governance principles, codes of ethical conduct and conflict of interest policies.


Additionally, we evaluate corporate opportunity issues and conduct corporate legal and ethical compliance reviews. Moreover, we advise clients regarding the protection of companies and directors from various risks of liability and losses. We also advise on the structuring of various insurance coverages. Our firm is committed to providing best services in the full spectrum of corporate governance to all our corporate clients ensuring that they receive and implement the best practices in their companies.