After receiving the coveted recipe from a Canadian doctor, we anxiously go to Canadian pharmacy and order the right medicine. Community pharmacy may, on its license to open a satellite pharmacy (branch) in a small village. In Canada, pharmacies are even in small towns. Therefore, the problem of access to medicines in a sparsely populated area does not exist. Real Estate
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Real Estate

We are renowned at A. Pharaon & Partners Law Firm for our legal expertise and market knowledge in handling real estate transactions. Our firm has the resources and expertise to deal with all aspects of commercial real estate, including:


- Acquisition and disposition

- Leasing

- Economic development programs

- Construction

- Financial issues

- Land use regulations

- Management of all types of properties


We work closely with clients to develop high quality programs tailored to the client interests. Our experienced team of lawyers provides clients with legal advice and relevant information needed to successfully execute and achieve the outcomes that address not only the current challenges but also prepare for the future.